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How to describe a driver?

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A driver is a program that acts as a mediator between hardware devices and programs on your pc. on many occasions, when you wish to execute a certain function, you access a program that has to make a request from a hardware device. The two programs don’t actually know how to communicate with each other, and therefore, need a translator – the driver – to pass the code between them, and make things happen. Your computer is packed with thousands of different drivers, each of them responsible for different device and functionality. Some are responsible for printers, some for audio etc. every device manufacturer writes his own drivers, ones that take care of their own device and applications.

What causes driver problems?

Well, sometimes a driver becomes outdated. This driver ceases to function properly, and stops serving its purpose, thus causing the program it is in charge of to misfunction. Drivers have to be updated on a regular basis, if they are to continue their work, despite system upgrades, and application changes. Sometimes drivers can become corrupt when you install or uninstall a certain application, or even if you make changes to other drivers. There are many reasons for a driver to stop working, but the bottom line is that each and every driver is cruciall for its app, and cannot be ignored.

What can a bad driver do?

Bad drivers can cause the program to stop working entirely, or to work poorly at best. They can disrupt the internet connection, make restarting your pc harder and longer or cause many undesirable side effects; like error messeges popping up and time consuming processes or lose of data. All these effects can easily be avoided if you just keep your drivers up to date.

How can I update my drivers?

Well, you can either do it manually, or automatically. For manual update of a specific driver you must access your windows device manager, and try to download the desired driver. The problem is that many driver related problems stem from an outdated driver, not a broken one. In these case windows device manager can’t track the problem and is of no use. If you wish to update all your drivers automatically, there are many applications that scan your pc, and download thousands of good, up to date drivers in one fell swoop. One such application can be downloaded here: It is a good one, scans your pc for free, and lets you know which drivers need updating. The drivers are then downloaded for you, for a small fee. This way you update the entire computer (a monthly basis is a good idea) – you don’t need to pay every time – there is just one initial payment and then you get a free pass… Either way it is very important to take note of the driver situation on your pc, and keep the drivers up to date to avoid problems.

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